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Lucia Olive Oil


Our Olives are picked only after they have reached their peak of ripeness and immediately pressed to achieve the authentic old world taste sought out by the most discriminating olive oil enthusiast.


Lucia Olive Oil is an artisanal product made from a blend of Italian, Spanish & Greek olive trees, and is produced by the Albers ­ Iannaccone family at their farm in the foothills of Mount Diablo in Northern California located at the same latitude as Andalucía Spain and the Madonie Mountains of Northern Sicily which are renowned by their excellent olive oil. Making this the ideal location for olive tree production.

Our oils are produced only from the first press with mature olives giving a perfect quality oil. These wonderful olives are grown in an ideal climate and are cold pressed immediately after their hand­ picked harvest to preserve their antioxidants and bring the true taste of the Mediterranean to your table.